The World History Archive is a unique collection of historical and cultural images taken from illustrations, paintings, publications and periodicals amongst other sources. Featuring the Desmond Morris collection, the Ann Ronan Picture Library and the EdiMedia Art Archive, we are one of the largest collections of cultural images in the world and have content that's never been available elsewhere.
 We boast exclusive historical imagery around the development of science, politics, warfare and civilization and we take pride in the quality of our photography and captioning in order to ensure that you can find exactly what you're looking for in stunning quality every time.

During the last six decades, the World History Archive (WHA) have offered extraordinary and unique images. 

The subjects covered include: History, Science, Transport, Industry, Technology, Politics, War, Agriculture, Social History, Education, Health, Religion, Literature, Music, Art, Key Scientists, Philosophers, Military, Political, Literary, Musical, Personalities.

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